Whether you are just starting out, already writing/gigging or just not getting noticed, our events are designed for everyone wanting to fast track their way to success.

The Insider’s Guide offers a one stop shop with tried and tested solutions to turbo boost your career in the music industry.

The Insider’s Guide creators, Tim Fraser and Rita Campbell are Platinum selling songwriters who have written and worked with superstars such as Tina Turner, Cher, Michael McDonald, The Brand New Heavies, Steps, Marcella Detroit, Westlife, Paul Weller, Billy Myers and many, many more and have sold millions of records worldwide.

Today there is probably more opportunity to kick off a career in songwriting and music than there has ever been before but without an insider’s knowledge you can waste valuable time and money by taking the wrong roads that lead to dead-ends and disappointment. Having a brilliant song is step one but if nobody can hear that song then all that inspiration, effort and cost is for nothing!

Tim and Rita have built their careers by concentrating on what is relevant, effective and rewarding. They have learned their craft the hard way but between them they have two working lifetimes of discovering what works and what doesn’t, with amazing results!